D-et®: Sucralose D-et, Great taste of sugar with NO calories
Sucralose D-et, 0Kcal/Sachet


(D-et® Max)

This is pure sucralose, 600 times sweeter than sugar, and suitable for food manufacturers.

1. No sugar

D-et Max (sucralose) provide sweet taste but free from sugar.

2. Clean sweet taste

Many other sweeteners have bitter after taste; such as saccharin, Ace-K, stevia.

3. Widely allowed as a food additive in many countries

Sucralose is one of the most globally accepted to be used in food products.

4. Reduce to cost of sugar

Yielding the same sweetness, D-et Max (sucralose) cost less than sugar.

5. Promote as healthy food

D-et Max is sugar-free and can be promote as a healthy food; low-calorie, low-sugar, diabetic, etc.

6. Can be cooked at high heat

Aspartame is unstable in heat but D-et Max is safe during cooking.

7. Reduce the cost of food producing

Some foods contain high sugar and need long time to cook, but D-et Max (sucralose) is used in much less amount and thus require shorter time to cook.

8. Reduce to time of cooking

D-et Max (sucralose) is easily dissolved in water.

9. Require little storage space

D-et Max (sucralose) require little space of storage.

10. Ease of storage

D-et Max (sucralose) is very stable in heat and humidity.

11. Reduce the risk of sugar price swing and shortage

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  • Material Safety Data Sheet [pdf]

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